January 16, 2019 in News

9 Days

Holy crap! Holy crap! Holy crap! 9 days till we launch “My Fault”. For all of you that have been going about your business quietly, unassumingly, not realising that this was dangling over your heads like a net full of wet fish, I can only say that you’ve been spared our agony. We’ve been sitting on this for over a year (you know, big showdown with our label at head office in LA over creative control and all that…) knowing full well what we were about to unleash on the world.

I don’t want to overstate it but this 4-song EP is life changing, like discovering your long repressed sexuality or getting your first hamster.

Oh, Friends, you are lucky!

Anyone fancy a preview? If so, then click here to join our mailing list and we’ll shoot you the first single “The Buzz” this Friday as a preview for our beloved and loyal fans.

December 9, 2018 in News

My Fault/Your Problem

January 25, 2019. A round month past Christmas, in the very doldrums of the northern hemispheric winter, we will finally launch the first of our two new EP’s “My Fault”.

The second “Your Problem” will follow April 26, 2019.

Some may ask, why two EPs when there’s an LP’s worth of music? We know, we know.. We actually just received our personalized LP’s (mine’s sitting on my turntable right now). The reason we split ’em is to respect the schism that formed in the group as we were working on this material. The two EP’s are two sides of that split, two aspects of our personalities as a band and as two individual songwriters, two continents that divide us at present.

Like matter and antimatter, these two can’t be released together for fear of causing a destructive musical singularity. Physicists have informed us that 3-months is the minimum time we dare space out these releases. So January 25 and April 26 it is. Mark these dates on your Fridge.

And follow this space for more info as we reach launch velocity.

June 5, 2018 in News


Dear Social Media,

It’s been some time. Everything is out of date. We’ve ignored you social media. Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, I hate you social media. Can I say that? Isn’t that anathema to the modern indie band?

Well damnit, we ain’t much of a modern indie band. I mean, to be a modern indie band, you generally need to live in the same city as your bandmates (or at least country). You need to play shows. You need to drive across the country in a van and shotgun cans in the back of the van and smoke weed in the front of the van with the windows rolled up and the fan off and fall into and out of love (either inside or outside of the van) and use all of that as fodder for great music.

OK, so we’re not a band. And we (I) hate social media. Though I think Céline likes it and Louis has lasers shooting out of his eyes. But that’s personal stuff like loaves of sourdough bread we just baked, ski vacation snaps and the like. Not serious band stuff. But then, like I said, we’re not a serious band.

But we still make music.

Yeah that’s right social media, we still make music. TAKE THAT social media (and fuck you). Yep, we done made some music last fall and we mixed the music this spring and we’re mastering the music RIGHT FUCKING NOW.

OK, not right now. I’m actually supposed to bed going to be RIGHT FUCKING NOW. Instead I’m writing this post on social media about hating social media and not being a band but making music just the same.

Oh man, is that Freshtone on the picture over there? No up.. on the right.. yeah there. Shit, there have been changes. Social media, I’m sorry. We’ve been distant. So many changes.. Where to start?

New album coming soon EPs/LPs/UFOs/BVDs.

Check this space.



ps: does anyone make ASCII art anymore?