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My Fault/Your Problem

January 25, 2019. A round month past Christmas, in the very doldrums of the northern hemispheric winter, we will finally launch the first of our two new EP’s “My Fault”.

The second “Your Problem” will follow April 26, 2019.

Some may ask, why two EPs when there’s an LP’s worth of music? We know, we know.. We actually just received our personalized LP’s (mine’s sitting on my turntable right now). The reason we split ’em is to respect the schism that formed in the group as we were working on this material. The two EP’s are two sides of that split, two aspects of our personalities as a band and as two individual songwriters, two continents that divide us at present.

Like matter and antimatter, these two can’t be released together for fear of causing a destructive musical singularity. Physicists have informed us that 3-months is the minimum time we dare space out these releases. So January 25 and April 26 it is. Mark these dates on your Fridge.

And follow this space for more info as we reach launch velocity.

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